Alex Cuba


BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Sep 23, 2019

At this stage in the game, you know what to expect from an Alex Cuba record — not that that's a bad thing. Expect solid instrumentation from the Cuban-born and BC-based singer and musician; the 12-track Sublime — his seventh album — was recorded in both places, in addition to Spain and Mexico.
This outing for Cuba seems to be building off his signature sound and teaming up with a range of artists —  Pablo Milanés on "Hoy Como Ayer," Leonel García on "Solo Mia" and Silvana Estrada on "Dividido" — and extending his musical range by playing every single instrument on the album himself.
So the artistry is there and what Cuba perhaps lacks in innate charisma is made up in the honed musicianship. Indeed, there's an exciting urgency to opening track "Yo No Sé," a vibe slightly matched with "Ciudad Hembra (La Habana)." Sublime, this album isn't, but it's worth your attention.

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