Alex Cuba "Static in the System" / "Ruido En El Sistema"

Alex Cuba 'Static in the System' / 'Ruido En El Sistema'
Alex Cuba's forthcoming album, Ruido En El Sistema, is due out October 2 via Caracol/EMI. If you don't speak Spanish and were wondering what the title referred to, Cuba has just unveiled an English-language version of the title track called "Static in the System."

Listen to the perky, reggae-inspired song below, along with its Spanish-language counterpart. In a statement, Cuba called the track a "quiet statement of what's happening today in the world in terms of the amount of static/noise that we have now in our lives covering up the truth from us in so many ways -- the noise we receive and find almost everywhere, when we watch television, when we listen to the radio, when we look outside the window."

Note that the Spanish-language version of the tune will appear on the album, while the English version is an iTunes exclusive.