Alec Benjamin Admits to Using ChatGPT to Write Lyrics for New Album

"I could type in a lyric and be like, 'I'm stuck here, where should it go next?'"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Dec 12, 2023

Phoenix-born pop singer Alec Benjamin hasn't been quiet about embracing using AI to make music. After all, he's one of the nine artists who lent their vocals to YouTube's voice-cloning platform Dream Track, which launched last month.

Now, he's admitted to using ChatGPT — which was recently criticized by Grimes, of all people — and other AI platforms to write some lyrics for tracks on his latest album (Un)Commentary

"On this last project, I used ChatGPT and stuff to help prompt ideas," he said on the Zach Sang Show today. "It didn't give me full song ideas or full lyric ideas, but ... I could type in a lyric and be like, 'I'm stuck here, where should it go next?' And it would give me some ideas that maybe I wouldn't necessarily use, but spark something in my brain." 

"I'm really interested in where AI is headed," he continued. "I feel like the way that our brains work is very similar to how AI works, you know, because it's like, AI is trained on a data set and then it will take that data and create something, so it's like, it's not just one person but it's a million people, it's the data from millions of people and it's giving you ideas with that." 

Although it's unclear whether Benjamin used the tech to contribute to any of his most recent singles, he's unabashed in his pursuit of the future. 

"I just figured, you know, the technology is changing, and it's gonna happen anyway, so I might as well be a part of it," he said of his involvement in Dream Track. 

Check out a snippet of Benjamin's conversation with Sang regarding his use of AI below. 
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