Agnostic Front Plot New LP for March Release

Agnostic Front Plot New LP for March Release
It's been almost 30 years since Agnostic Front released their crucially essential debut seven-inch United Blood. The early '80s record was a slab of primal aggression that would forever cement the band in hardcore's history book. Since then the band have gone through a number of changes, from their membership to their sound. The mid-'80s saw them drop the crossover classic Cause for Alarm, while their reunion in the late '90s found them occasionally dabbling in Oi! style street punk. The group's last album, 2007's Warriors, was a metallic monster of an album. Proving that the band are always spicing up their punky formula, singer Roger Miret has announced that the outfit have finished a new album, and depending on how you interpret this, it sounds as if it could be kind of poppy.

A quote posted on Punknews reveals that the new album, which has yet to be titled, contains a bunch of sing-alongs.

"After all is said and done, we are amazed on how great our new record turned out," Miret said. "It's by far our catchiest record to date and it's going to make everyone want to sing along for sure."

The disc was recorded at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL with Erik Rutan and producer Freddy Cricien of Madball, who is Miret's little brother.

"Freddy killed it on the production end, just capturing that hardcore vibe that only he can get out of Agnostic Front," the frontman continued. "The boys all put nothing but passion into the songs, and Erik Rutan just dialed it all in to make [us] sound as natural and as organic as ever. This one will definitely be a classic once it's heard worldwide!"

Considering no clips from the upcoming disc have surfaced quite yet, it's hard to say how a "catchy" Agnostic Front will sound, but surely the kids will be piling in the pits once it comes out. The album is set to be released on March 22.