Agnostic Front Live At CBGB

To paraphrase Spinal Tap: "There’s a fine line between clever and stupid.” NYC hardcore originators Agnostic Front haven’t quite been able to find the good side of that line for many years. To those who haven’t followed the band religiously, it would seem as if these brutish marauders have had a hard time matching the success of One Voice or Victim In Pain, especially given the misguided pop/punk of albums such as Riot, Riot Upstart and Dead Yuppies. So how have they survived for over two decades? Live At CBGB answers that with one quick throwdown, the closest they may ever come to "clever.” They know that the live show is where it’s at; witnessing Agnostic Front live is to instantly be sucked into the testosterone and adrenaline. That explains the second (and almost as impressive) Live At CBGB in the band’s career, this time with a bonus DVD. Loud, passionate and proud, they may only feature two original members (singer Roger Miret and a decidedly static Vinnie Stigma) but that’s obviously a good thing. The fresh blood sees Agnostic Front laying down some vicious assault that is pointed, heated and disturbingly tight through classic crowd-pleasers such as "Crucified,” "One Voice” and "Anthem.” The endless stream of Miret’s prodding "C’mon, New York,” is beyond irritating after the first three tunes but when one feels themselves aching to do a frontward roll into the TV and start pickin’ up change, there’s obviously some carryover of energised infection. (Nuclear Blast)