Aggressive Tendencies Tour 2007

Aggressive Tendencies Tour 2007
Every year, Exclaim! pulls together a bunch of awesome metal bands and throws them out onto the snowy Canadian road under the banner of the Aggressive Tendencies Tour. This year saw the tour take a decidedly experimental turn, as Montreal's Discord of a Forgotten Sketch and New York's Child Abuse brought some seriously awesome sonic weirdness to the stage. The Locust seemed sane by comparison. Which is intense. Then there was Montreal metalcore super-dudes Despised Icon, who seemed to be playing for their own dedicated crowd every night.

Given the extremely metal nature of the tour, it seemed that the obvious thing to ask bands about would be cute things. You know, puppies, kittens, baby ducks with broken wings and turtles being hugged by swans. Our carefully-devised list of cute things succeeded in amusing the guys in Discord, really amusing / confusing the Despised Icon dudes, and getting a good laugh out of two-thirds of Child Abuse, who probably needed it after excessive van (shortbus, actually) troubles led to them missing a good chunk of the first leg of the tour. Everyone likes to think about otters and baby seals, don't they? Oh, right. The Locust don't.

Speaking of the Locust, who really are awesome guys, they had all their stuff stolen out of their van this week. Which sucks. Help them out, if you can.

Finally, this night ended with everyone drinking too much tour sponsor Jagermeister's delicious liquor. And us leaving the Exclaim-o-Vision camera at the Bovine Sex Club. And then having to take a $10 cab back to go get it. Which I guess isn't so bad.

The Locust "AOTKPTA"

Despised Icon "In The Arms Of Perdition"

Child Abuse

Discord of a Forgotten Sketch "Cup-And-Ball, Cup-And-Ball"