AFI Fall Victim to Breakup Hoax

AFI Fall Victim to Breakup Hoax
Fans of long-running punkers AFI got quite a scare this morning (September 8) when frontman Davey Havok allegedly took to the band's Despair Faction forum to announce that the group were calling it a day and that he'd be focusing on his electro-tinged Blaqk Audio project full time. If the news came unexpectedly, it's because the post has now been called a hoax. To reiterate, AFI aren't breaking up.

The post, which has since been removed from their message board, read:

This is the end. Sorry, but AFI is done. After more than 15 years of being together, we as a band have decided to disband AFI Me and Jade will still continue the Blaqk Audio project but there will be no more AFI albums or shows. We have matured and have other things in life that we would like to attend to. Please forgive us for the random statement but it was something we were thinking of for a while.

While the post in question was made using Havok's own account, it appears as if he was hacked. Management quickly stepped in to deny the breakup with the following statement: "That's not dave. The band haven't broken up. Someone is just screwing around."

The band themselves have now chimed in, with drummer and co-founder Adam Carson joking on his Twitter account, "We would have totally written a better press release..."

AFI haven't released an album since 2009's Crash Love.