Aeon Rise To Dominate

Throughout its history, metal has been both mocked and despised for its "blasphemous” and "gory” subject matter. While Aeon do have some redeeming musical qualities, their lyrics indubitably lend themselves to those who prefer to ridicule the absurdity of extreme music’s depraved "heretics.” And who can blame them? Lines like, "I don’t care what people think, I live my life the way I want, I am a living sin” sound like they were written by an angry 15-year-old boy struggling with alienation, a pubescent testosterone boost and parents that just don’t understand. Thanks to Hot Topic, he’s found "evil” and has taken a liking to the words "Lucifer” and "sin.” Lucky for Aeon, an album’s worth of humiliating vocal garbage is met with noteworthy grooves, Suffocation-style riffing and more than a couple raging solos. They’d do best to kick the misguided half-wit out of the band, or at least drown his barking in distortion. Maybe that way people could listen instead of laugh. (Metal Blade)