Acid Splash Acid Splash

It's phenomenal (and depressing) that bands with women in them still insist on having the women pose semi-naked while the guys in the band get to enjoy the luxury of warmth, not to mention self-respect. And so it goes with Winnipeg's Acid Bath, who will not let us forget there are indeed two semi-naked women in the band. Give it a rest, really, you're embarrassing metal heads with this sort of behaviour. Once past the brutal cover art and band pics, the music itself isn't horrible: '80s hard rock meets that dull mid-tempo beat and nondescript vocals that characterise the metal demo CD. Well, that does sound horrible, so chalk it up to nostalgia that made this one a minor success, but then take that success right back because we all have goofy '80s hard rock in our collection and we sure don't need any new attempts at it. And get rid of those band pictures, as they don't help matters any. (Independent)