Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso Chrystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars

The latest from the reigning masters of psychedelic jam bands consists of only three tracks, albeit three typically blistering, aura altering, mind-expanding tracks. Opener "Pussy Head Man from Outer Space” is a loud, driving track riddled with the familiar sounds of UFOs shooting into distant galaxies; it’s an omnipresent reminder that you are being coaxed out of your mind and body. Meanwhile, track two, "Crystal Rainbow Pyramid,” serves as a delicate buffer between the opening and closing tracks, working the ground between screeching riffs and the ambling, mellowed acoustics. The most explosive and exploratory of the tracks is the 40-minute marathon closing track "Electric Psilocybin Flashback.” It opens with a surprisingly simple and arguably catchy riff that builds a sturdy and uncommonly rhythmic base for this beast of a song that binges on a sax solo. This is the first album to feature the vocal talents of Kitagawa Hao and it’s on "Electric Psilocybin” that we really get a sense of her range and style, which appears ethereal and choir-like in its calmness and grace. The album plays to a close on a gentle note, like a return to a welcoming arms. (Important)