Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso In C

Originally released exclusively on vinyl in 2001, this collection of minimalist jam-drone is so potent that the listener will lose all track of time and even their minds altogether, albeit safely. This Japanese collective have been receiving rave reviews as of late for their faint trance-inducing smorgasbord of indistinguishable sounds that sway and pulsate like some kind of space-church music that is written from within the third eye that worships some form of healing psychedelic deity. "In C" is an interpretation of the classic 1964 Terry Riley minimalist composition, where repetition and slight changes (a sort of psychedelic "Bolero," if you will) of a few elements becomes the key to hearing "more," like creating combination rhythms and tones only within the listener's heads, of which the results will lay heavily upon that listener's life experiences. "In E" is full-on classic AMT, hearkening back to the Syd Barrett "Interstellar Overdrive" Pink Floyd as well as Hawkwind's day, where every musician within the group jams their best until they open a vortex worthy of being in the title sequence of the Dr. Who television show. The bonus track, "In D," is an ancient and futuristic summoning piece that could bring the sun so close to the Earth that everything could liquefy. The most appropriate suggestion to any potential AMT listener is to fully "let go" and submit to some of this planet's most telepathic music. (Squealer)