Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso Electric Heavyland

The Acid Mothers Temple is currently enjoying a meteoric rise of infamy across the globe, and with each release they get closer and closer to the heart of the sun. This psychedelic collective from Japan have successfully captured chaos and converted it into groovy doom and gloom, blowing everything up in sight and sending the particles into space, and Electric Heavyland is the result of hearing this event. This album is by far the most universal and palatable release they have created, and it pays ultra-postmodern homage to many psychedelic rock bands. The cover and cosmic spaceship sounds are a wink to King Crimson's Earthbound, while stoner rock trudges in the vein of Monster Magnet and Jimi Hendrix prevail. (Interesting to note is that this is the first band to have expertly captured the recording textures inherent in Hendrix's first album.) This album can ground you as well as take you on a flight; there are no in-betweens, either they take you on a psychotic elevator ride downwards or they throw you into hyper-drive by yourself, panicking with no seatbelt. Severe. (Alien8)