Acid House Kings Declare Music Sounds Better with You on New Album

Acid House Kings Declare <i>Music Sounds Better with You</i> on New Album
The last time Acid House Kings released an album was in 2005, when they gave us the stellar Sing Along with Acid House Kings. But the group have announced their return and are gearing up to release Music Sounds Better with You on March 22.

According to a press release, the new album is "sharper, catchier and livelier," and is a "goodbye to genre obligations." There are reportedly castanets on every song. "Music Sounds Better with You" is the name of a 1998 song by Stardust.

You can listen to the single, "Are We Lovers or Are We Friends?," in the embedded video below. It's a generally lovely song with a jaunty pop bounce, synth strings and a sweetly lilting melody. And, yes, there are click-clacking castanets in the background. According to a press release, it was "inspired by the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, Tommy Körberg and flamenco percussionists." The single will come out officially on December 7 via Labrador.

There's no word on the rest of the album details, but if the single is any indication, we can expect more sensitive indie pop from Acid House Kings soon.