Abscess Through the Cracks of Death

It could be the murky production sound, the low-end tones or the dark cover art, but I just always find myself thinking about shit when Abscess is playing. With that out in the open, allow me to say it's not an unpleasant experience; these ex-Autopsy grindcore fiends know how to create an atmosphere within their speedy, punked-out grindcore. Where most grind bands just play fast and go home, Abscess seem to somehow dig a bit deeper into the psychotic realm; blame it on those scary riffs and the aforementioned bad acid production sound. Not ones to break any new ground musically, the boys in the band seem to have a punk ethic meddling with their almost gore-grind sound, which adds a bit of toe-tapping to the quasi-festivities. Abscess does this sort of thing as good as anyone can, and with their own tortured vibe creeping in, they set themselves apart from the pack. Through the Cracks of Death is pretty much a continuation of the band's last album, Tormented, but no one was expecting anything radically different. When it sounds this good, why change? (Peaceville)