A Perfect Circle's New Album Could Arrive Next Year

Maynard James Keenan says he's learning "new tracks" ahead of a North American tour
A Perfect Circle's New Album Could Arrive Next Year
After getting our hopes following their signing with BMG, it's safe to say we likely won't get a new album from A Perfect Circle in 2017. However, the band aren't ruling out the possibility of delivering what would be their first effort in 14 years come 2018.

Frontman Maynard James Keenan alluded to a 2018 release date on Twitter, talking about rehearsal for the band's upcoming North American Tour using the hashtag #apc2018. It should be noted that while the trek will keep them on the road into December, the band have yet to map out any concrete plans for the next year.

Keenan also noted that he was making use of rehearsal time to learn "new tracks," hinting at the possibility of road testing some of the forthcoming material. The band have been debuting new material over the last few months, performing new songs like "Hourglass" and "Feathers" at recent gigs.

You can find further details about the North American tour here. A Perfect Circle's last release was a collection of anti-war covers titled eMOTIVe in 2004, with proper LP Thirteenth Step arriving in 2003.