Better Day$

BY Veracia AnkrahPublished Mar 9, 2020

Better Day$ plays like the final, sombre-yet-galvanizing, speech a coach gives his team before their championship basketball game. Ultimately, the team don't quite amount to earning the title, but manage to make impressive strides along the way. Similar to the promise of execution and desired victories on Drake's Comeback Season, it is clear that 7Day$ is not only dreaming of a brighter future, but inviting everyone listening to dream with him.
Elements of melodic rap are not lost on this project, with hooks on songs like "On Time," "City to Hot" and "Lose" that are bound to incite a sing-along. 7Day$ speaks to the challenges faced when turning away from the streets to chase a life of vacation-like bliss, although "everything ain't what it seems, even if you got some dreams." The strongest moments on Better Day$ lie within the first half of the album, arriving with heavy bass and head knocker sounds on "Ready" and a Juicy J-infused flow on "Flexitarian," but then lose momentum throughout the project.
Even with clever portmanteaus on "Traparella" (trap and Cinderella) and "Moetivated" (Moët and motivated), the best parts of these songs are their titles. Off of the strength of his biggest single to date, "Birthday Dance," 7Day$'s Better Day$ is a suitable debut to set off a career trajectory worthy of heed and hopefully a championship next season — well, album.

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