4th Pyramid

4th Pyramid
Toronto vet 4th Pyramid is back in the mix with his latest project The Sky Belongs To The Stars EP, which has the long-time MC/producer showing growth both musically and personally on this solid offering. Exclaim! chopped it up with 4th Pyramid to see what went in to the making of his latest piece of art, if he still has connects with the old Def Jux crew and why Toronto's rap scene seems to be finally getting its much-deserved shine.

You started 2013 off with quite a bit of buzz; with your retro-funk single "It's So Hot" appearing on the soundtrack to the film 21 & Over as well as a show in the Big Apple with a who's who of the "New New York," — A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and Bodega Bamz. How'd that show go down and how'd you end up on that bill?
I have deep ties to New York kinda like the mob, except not like that at all. The truth is, there are brands out there that do really cool things for music and Scion is one of them. They put together this secret show in New York and brought me out and we killed it.

What about your inclusion on the 21 & Over soundtrack? How did that come about and were these moves strategic for a bigger push for the 4th Pyramid brand in 2013 or did they come about by chance?
When I made the record all I had in mind was "fun party record" that my DJ friends could play in the club. When we caught wind that the writers of The Hangover had a new movie and wanted to use the song, it was exciting. The movie is hilarious and I can honestly say they chose the best visuals to match the track. Spoiler alert: peeing on crowds while standing on top of a bar.

Tell me a little bit about the new EP, The Sky Belongs to the Stars. First off, break the title down for us and how do you feel the project came out? I'm feeling it.
Thanks a lot. The title is a quote from the movie La Bamba and it always stood out to me. It's one of those phrases that can mean something new to you every day. Today it means that you can chase the sky but it doesn't really belong to you motherfucker. It's humbling. Tomorrow it might mean I shoot for the sky and own it. The day after who knows…

If a listener could only hear one track from the project, which would they press play on and why?
"Caviar." It's a futuristic, muddy-watered love ballad and it's the greatest example of where I'm headed sonically with my production and layers. I worked on this track with Ben Stevenson who's a good friend and a talented musician that's about to blow up. But honestly I love this whole EP and appreciate everyone's contribution. I want everyone to hear it all.

You kicked off your career ages ago on Def Jux. Do you still have connects with the Def Jux fam and are you looking forward to that rumoured Cannibal Ox album?
Everyone has a first and I couldn't have asked for a cooler first label than Def Jux. But we all move on past our first. Whenever we see each other, it's all love and everyone checks in with each other but I'm in a completely different zone now and that zone is called Silk Ivory. Cannibal Ox and El-P are some the dopest rappers who've made amazing records and I wish everyone the best for the future.

Toronto's rap scene seems to finally be getting the recognition it deserves. Peace to Drake but the scene is much more than that, as you well know, being an integral part of it. Why do you think T-Dot is finally getting its shine as a very capable rap capital and who are you personally feeling these days?
Toronto is getting so big in music, in general. There are too many to list, I don't even know man. I just think there's something about this city that pushes artists to go hard, and doing so without much recognition ultimately creates a thriving scene. Boom.

What do you have in the cards in terms of promoting your new project and what does 4th Pyramid have on the horizon?
Well I'm about to drop a fuck-ton of new videos and music all year. We just put out the new video for "Lookout" and I can best describe the visuals as sexual super-lyrical rap. Other than that, touring, whoring (hi mom!), studio, repeat. Thank you for your time. I hope everyone likes the new EP.