4th Pyramid Fantazmic EP

Not everyone was born to rap and not everyone was born to produce. That 4th Pyramid can do neither with great skill is a good sign to steer clear. This three-song EP, Fantazmic, is fanta-shit. His C.V. says he has been on tour with Raekwon and RJD2 but you’d never believe it. 4th Pyramid could not deliver a clever lyric if someone else wrote it for him and you’ll wish someone tried. The Perceptionists’ Akrobatik even outshines him with what must be a throwaway verse. On the beat tip, everything sounds like a child aping that Native Tongues’ jazzy, hip-hop fusion. As such, the sloppy banjo twang of "Light Your Hair on Fire” is immature. An unremarkable end to an unremarkable album, his insertion of a sample with an old harpy screeching, "And if you mess up we’ll light your hair on fire,” lowers the ceiling on whatever level you’d place an album with the line: "Wanted some rum so I bought a bottle/Flavours and style yeah we got ’em all.” (Faragmented/Peon)