2Mex B Boys in Occupied Mexico

Of all of the Shapeshifters, 2Mex is the most likely to find success. His lyrics never get too complex, but his wordplay is phenomenal, pleasing both fans of clever lyrics and those who don't want their music listening to be like doing homework. 2Mex tends towards alliterations and slant rhymes, creating a lot of similar sounds that soothe. Add to that a distinct voice and lyrics that take life from 2Mex's catchy flow, skipping along the beat like flat stones on a pond. That serene sound scene is continually punctuated by thundering bass drum and lightening drum kicks, while hi-hats and other sounds buzz around like insects. 2Mex has had plenty of opportunities to perfect his craft, rhyming in a number of different groups, which include the Visionaries, Son God Suns, Mind Clouders and Of Mexican Descent, as well as time honing those same skills through the Goodlife and Project Blowed underground scene in L.A. While B Boys in Occupied Mexico is a solo release, there are a number of guest appearances, the bulk of them from 2Mex's OMD partner Xololanxixo. Together they turn out some good songs, although there is only one song where they are strictly the OMD duo ("Wonderful Memories") while the rest are larger posse cuts, including appearances from Fermin (Control Machete), Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm), and Zen and LMNO (two of 2Mex's fellow Visionaries members). However, the majority of the truly classic songs here are 2Mex solos, like the guitar-inflected opener "Ghost Writer," the anthemic "L.A. (Like...)" and the drum-dominated "Percussion Percaution." But there is one song with a guest that stands among those three as a constant rewinder. "Making Money Off God" is two tight verses with Busdriver stepping up to bat first, and while 2Mex comes off great, Busdriver takes the best verse on the album,. B Boys in Occupied Mexico is a good bet for most hip-hop fans. (Mean St.)