X-Ray Spex

X-Ray Spex
With a rather diverse group of shorts, this program ranges from the stoner-inspired to one man's meaning of life, sprinkled with a revealing sex romp and some animated deer that can cook a mean dinner. While these films rely on quirky narratives or visuals, they all have one thing in common: they will make you think.

The Battle of the Jazz Guitarist is a son's telling tribute of his once famous jazz guitarist father. Driven by a sub-titled narrative and well-matched soundtrack, this documentary short touches upon humour and emotion, giving incredible insight into the father-son relationship.

With such a compelling opening, it may seem strange that it leads into 20 Hz, an experimental short that will undoubtedly be a pot smoker's dream. Relying on data collected from the CARISMA radio array, a geo-magnetic storm is captured at the frequency of 20 Hertz, interacting both visually and aurally, proving that science has its place in this film festival.

In The Hounds, we follow a group of macho male friends as they sniff their way into a housewarming party, only later having a member of their pack go astray. Gritty, dark and seedy, it's a firm reminder that there is always someone waiting in the shadows to claim the role of top dog.

Fortunately, this should help tide you over to get through the next film, The Sunday Robbers, where a strange love triangle intertwines with a robbery while a town is busy watching a speedboat race, all the while one of the men is constantly saying how badly he wants to have sex with the girl.

The highlight of this program is What It's Like, where a drug transaction between a magazine writer and an elderly man in a retirement home evolves into a moving story of how it feels to grow old.

Wonderfully shot, this peculiar comedic short is far more thought-provoking than the animated Dr. Breakfast, wherein a man seemingly shuts down, his eyeball exploding, going on a crazy breakfast rampage, and is tended to by two deer.

Sex of Others provides viewers with a titillating sex scene, awkward Quebecois karaoke, an example of why it's never a good idea to hook up with your ex, demonstrating how even the closest friendships can dissolve as fast as snapping a photograph.

If this movie's racy footage leaves you wanting some more, fear not as Score has numerous penis shots for those still riled up. A 20-something dating couple air their dirty laundry while doing laundry, providing a comedic take on the age old double standard: how many former partners are acceptable and how many former partners make you a slut?