Will Arnett on Student Jobs in Canada vs. America: "There's a Sense of Giving Back [to Nature]"

It doesn't get much more Canadian than tree planting in the summer

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Aug 21, 2023

Between netting roles in TIFF-headlining movie Next Goal Wins, Paramount+ video game adaptation series Twisted Metal and taking his podcast SmartLess on tour, Will Arnett has had a busy year so far — although it might not be quite as gruelling as his summer planting trees in the Canadian wilderness.

HBO Max sent a camera crew to document the SmartLess tour that Arnett embarked upon alongside his co-hosts Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, resulting in a miniseries that arrived on the streaming platform in May, and with it, tons of gems revealing the actors' behind-the-scenes banter. 

One such clip that has recently resurfaced online shows Arnett discussing his jobs prior to acting, and, let me tell you, it doesn't get much more Canadian than this; the video begins with someone off-camera asking Arnett if he had ever had a "civilian job," to which Arnett revealed that he was a baggage handler (presumably at Toronto Pearson Airport?) and a construction worker in Winnipeg. 

Then, things got really Canadian, really quick.

"Also, I planted trees," Arnett revealed. "For seven cents a tree ... we're like, 'Oh, I need to plant 3,000 today to make any money." 

Bateman responded by pointing out that Arnett grew up in a wealthy family (his dad, Jim, was the CEO of Molson Breweries), and that him taking on working-class jobs was outside of the norm in American society.

"I think it's Canadian culture," Arnett said. "It's not unusual for university students to go tree planting. There's a sense of giving back [to nature] and a sense of obligation to something bigger than yourself." 

The comments on social media have seen an outpour of support for Arnett, many of whom had no idea he was Canadian in the first place, and several calling tree planting the ultimate Canadian summer job.

Watch the full clip below for more Will Arnett CanCon excellence. 
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