Ugh, Hollywood Is Remaking 'Scarface'

Ugh, Hollywood Is Remaking 'Scarface'
Thought Hollywood was done with remaking and revamping all of your favourite films? Think again, bub. It's time to say hello to a little reboot of Scarface.

The beloved 1983 gangster flick is the latest to be sent through the Hollywood nostalgia machine as a reboot is officially in the works.

At least it's not being made by total idiots, however. As Variety reports, the flick will be directed by Antoine Fuqua, who recently remade The Magnificent SevenThe film's script is currently being punched up by Terence Winter, who wrote The Wolf of Wall Street and episodes of The Sopranos

The film is billed as a "reimagining" of the film. It will be set in Los Angeles and focus on a Mexican immigrant.

Stay tuned for more information on the Scarface reboot as it becomes available.