Triumph to Be the Focus of New Documentary

It's the first ever feature film on the Canadian rock trio
Triumph to Be the Focus of New Documentary
The career and catalogue of Canadian hard rock trio Triumph will be explored in a forthcoming documentary. 

The trio of vocalist/guitarist Rik Emmett, bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine and drummer/vocalist Gil Moore will be the subjects of a forthcoming documentary from Banger Films, which currently sports the working title Triumph: Lay It On the Line.

While a concrete release date for the film has yet to be revealed, a page for the band's 2019 induction into Canada's Walk of Fame points to the film arriving in the fall of 2020.

Banger Films have also given the documentary treatment to Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, and more — as well as another well-known Canadian trio.

Formed in 1975, Triumph released ten studio albums over the course of their original run before going on hiatus in 1993. Notable hits that can still be heard on rock radio include "Lay It on the Line," "Hold On," "Magic Power," "Fight the Good Fight," "Spellbound" and "Follow Your Heart."

The band's classic lineup of Emmett, Levine and Moore reunited for a pair of live concerts in 2008. The trio also performed together on "Grand Parade," a song from Emmett's 2016 solo album RES9.