This Video of Some Guy Playing "Eternal Flame" During a Riot Is Real-Life Dystopian Horror

People are comparing the scene to that of the 'Titanic' sinking
This Video of Some Guy Playing 'Eternal Flame' During a Riot Is Real-Life Dystopian Horror
When the Bangles recorded "Eternal Flame" in 1988, do you think they would have ever imagined the song soundtracking the eternal dumpster fire that is 2020? Because that's what it has become after this weekend, thanks to a pianist who decided Barcelona's lockdown riot was a good venue to show off his skills on the keys.

A video of an unnamed busker posted on Sunday morning (November 1) shows a small group of people huddled around a keyboard as a fire rages in the background with emergency vehicles circling lockdown protestors. The resulting clip is a pretty perfect dystopian representation of the unprecedented horror that this year has been so far.  

The violence in the backdrop of the video comes in response to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's nationwide curfew imposed in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"These measures save lives," Catalonia police chief Eduard Sallent said of the new curfew in a statement. "We are enforcing a measure that is meant to prevent deaths and the collapse of our healthcare system."

Apt comparisons to the chaotic scene in James Cameron's Titanic where a violinist plays as the colossal ship sinks around him have surfaced all over social media since the original video went viral this weekend.

Watch the nightmare unfold below, or don't, if you'd rather preserve your mental health.