Stuart McLean's Unreleased Stories from 'The Vinyl Cafe' Set for Release

The 4-disc collection includes two recordings from the fallen broadcaster's final show

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 6, 2017

Beloved Canadian broadcaster Stuart McLean passed away at age 68 in February of this year, and a posthumous Vinyl Cafe release will add to fallen icon's legacy this fall.

The Vinyl Cafe: The Unreleased Stories will arrive October 6, featuring 13 previously unreleased stories over four discs. The collection's artwork, which can be found above, from longtime friend and regular Vinyl Cafe guest Reid Jamieson.

Two stories included in the set come from McLean's final Vinyl Cafe performance, which was recorded in Thunder Bay on November 22, 2015. As producer Jess Milton recalled in a press release, it was something of a fluke that "Dave and the Vacuum" and "The Christmas Card" were even recorded:

I had my computer with me, and I pressed record at the last minute…as an archive. It was supposed to be a 'reference track.' I only recorded it so that Stuart and I could listen to those stories before the next tour. Of course, that tour — 'the next tour' — never happened.​

I miss Stuart so much. But listening to his voice while I edited and mixed this album brought back so many happy memories of sitting in the wings for all those Vinyl Cafe shows. Stuart and I were lucky to do something we loved for so many years. We got to tell stories. We got to bring joy and laughter into people's lives. We got to connect people, to each other, to themselves, to the country.

The Vinyl Cafe: The Unreleased Stories is available for pre-order here. Find the tracklisting and samples of below.

The Vinyl Cafe: The Unreleased Stories:

Disc 1:

1. Dave and the Vacuum
2. The Summer Cottage
3. Morley's Garden
4. The Christmas Card

Disc 2:

1. Murphy's Bar Mitzvah
2. World's Smallest Record Store
3. Stephanie and Tommy

Disc 3:

1. Dave Crosses the Border
2. In the Weeds
3. Murphy Kruger, Philatelist

Disc 4:

1. Have Snake, Will Travel
2. Dave's Inferno
3. The Lost Chords

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