The 'Under the Skin' TV Spinoff Is Actually Happening

The 'Under the Skin' TV Spinoff Is Actually Happening
Following reports early this year that Jonathan Glazer's beloved Scarlett Johansson alien flick Under the Skin could potentially become a TV series, news has now emerged that the small-screen project is moving ahead.

Film and TV financier Silver Reel has won a bidding war against A24 to make a TV spinoff of the 2013 film, Deadline reports. And apparently Silver Reel sees some real value in the project. After all, the company bid roughly $906,000 USD in cash and credit to secure the rights to Under the Skin, while A24 only offered up $175,000 USD for film rights and first-option TV rights.

With the property now secured, Silver Reel is looking to move things forward, with the company's CEO Claudia Bluemhuber explaining to Deadline that the TV series will aim to draw much more from the novel by Michel Faber that inspired the film. That said, she also added the Under the Skin TV series would be "very respectful" of Glazer's film.

"We have writers in mind and we are talking to the various agencies for writers at the moment. We would like the writer to be British," Bluemhuber said.

At this point, it's unclear if Glazer will be involved with the TV spinoff, but as previously reported, he is currently working on a Holocaust filminspired by The Zone of Interest, a novel about a Nazi officer who becomes enamoured by his camp commandant's wife.

So far, no casting decisions have been revealed for the Under the Skin TV series or when we might expect it to arrive. So stay tuned.