The Opioid Crisis to Be Explored in New TV Series

It's being helmed by Barry Levinson
The Opioid Crisis to Be Explored in New TV Series
It's no secret that the world is in the midst of a severe opioid crisis, with lethal drug overdoses on the rise due to the proliferation of highly potent drugs like fentanyl. While Canadian punk communities are banding together to fight the problem in their own respective scenes, awareness of the crisis will also be spread through a new TV series.

The show is being created by Barry Levinson (Wag the DogRain Man) alongside Di Bonaventura Pictures Television and Relevant Entertainment, Deadline reports. Though the show doesn't have a title just yet, it will follow the family behind the pharmaceutical company at the centre of the drug crisis.

"Hopelessness and despair should not become a signature characteristic of America in the 21st century," Levinson said in a statement. 

Executive producer Michael Menchel added, "This is the powerful story of the company and the family at the root of the crisis who simply treat this problem as business as usual."