The California Monolith Has Been Removed by MAGA Turds

The California Monolith Has Been Removed by MAGA Turds
Photo: @Atownreporter
California's Space Odyssey-style monolith has been destroyed after a group of racists toppled it and erected a cross in its place.

A new video [obtained by Vice] shows a group of young men — one donning a "Make America Great" sweatband — pushing the Pine Mountain monolith over while chanting "Christ is king" and "America first."

"We don't want illegal aliens from Mexico — or outer space," their ring leader says in the clip. "So let's tear this bitch down, c'mon." The group proceeds to push the structure over, but appear to struggle at first to pull it out of the ground on account of bolts that secured the 200-pound steel obelisk in its place.

So far, this strange phenomenon has consisted of otherworldly yet somewhat wholesome fun — but, of course, racists have ruined the party yet again. It remains unclear what this group of young men did with the structure once it was removed, but as seen in the grainy footage below, one commenter suggested selling it for scrap metal.

The monolith in Atascadero, CA, was the third of its kind to materialize over the last few weeks, following the appearance and disappearance of one in Utah, as well as the appearance and disappearance of another in Romania. As of yet, no one has come forward to take responsibility for the creation of these objects. 

If patterns indicate anything, the latest removal shouldn't slow the appearance of these Stanley Kubrick-inspired structures. We'll be keeping an eye out for more monoliths as they appear. 

Watch footage of the California monolith's removal here.