Slap ‘N' Tickle

Slap ‘N' Tickle
A Day in the Life of Richard is, well, basically it’s tough being a six-foot penis trying to live a normal life. Richard’s animated testimonial about what it’s like to be a big dick is tender and touching.

A Mate (Kaveri) is a Finnish story of true friendship. When a tough rocker decides he needs to try "something new,” his pal obliges. Unfortunately, his wife comes home at an inopportune moment, interrupting them. Shot in sharp black and white, this is a genuinely funny poke at the repressed lives of Finns.

I’ve Never Had Sex… is based on the game of the same name, in which participants have to agree or disagree with the proposition "I’ve never had sex …” Assorted Torontonians admit to various naughty deeds on camera.

Size Matters turns the tables on the stereotypical sexual size issue. A woman with an unusual vagina looks for love in a world where bigger isn’t always better. The jokes are a bit cliché but the premise is still fairly funny.

T-Sex is one of the funniest little animations in this bunch! A horny T-Rex watches as a stick figure couple have all kinds of sex, and he wants to join in. It is one hysterical minute.

Love is Love turns the politics of sexual orientation on their ear. As one character says, "if the Lord had wanted men and women to be joined in a holy bond, he would have made it easier for us to understand each other!”

Daddy, Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From? is only about 30 seconds long but the image of the chocolate bunny and the animated cow will stay with you for a lifetime!

Souvenir nails a 20-something singles party atmosphere, as a group of girlfriends try to get laid amongst a sea of coked-up hipsters and obnoxious media types. A charming film with a twist that’s at least as funny as it is predictable, which balances out in its favour in the end.

The Adventures of Baxter and McGuire is a cute, animated conversation between two balls who obviously think they’re the brains behind the operation, even though they live in the shadow of the "big cheese,” if you know what I mean.

A Dose of the Guilts is a humorous look at extramarital affairs, as a woman brings home a man who doesn’t realise she’s married, until her husband comes home unexpectedly. The surprise ending feels a bit predictable but it provides the funniest O-face of this lot, if nothing else.

Sometimes a child, pet or friend can be the third party that keeps a relationship afloat. Bill is just that sort of friend for a rather dull couple. When the friendship sours, the two formerly straight-laced people resort to desperate measures to keep him in their lives.