Simu Liu Demonstrates How a "Toronto Mans" Picks Up a Date

Demetres, anyone?

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 3, 2023

Simu Liu is a big Hollywood star now, but he's still a Toronto boy at heart, and in 2021 told Exclaim!, "It really is such a wonderfully comforting feeling driving down the Gardiner, going toward the city, seeing the CN Tower pop up on the horizon." Now, Liu has dug deep into his GTA roots, giving his best demonstration of how a "Toronto mans" asks someone on a date.

Interviewed by 99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto at a Toronto event for the launch of Barbie, Liu was asked how Ken would pick up Barbie if he were a Toronto mans (which Urban Dictionary defines as a man "from age 20 to 40 typifying the urban Drake wannabe"). Liu needed no further encouragement, as he immediately went into character and said, "Yo shorty, seen. Yo, the man-dem be looking at you, and they just trying to appreciate that. Why don't you and I bounce and go to the Demetres and grab some crepes."

For the uninitiated, Demetres is a suburban Toronto dessert chain, and when asked why he picked it, Liu explained, "'Cause that's the only place I ever took my dates when I was 16." Always a charmer!

When asked for a translation of his Toronto mans slang, Liu admitted, "I'm not even sure I even understood fully what I just said."

Watch the clip below. Barbie arrives in theatres on July 21. 

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