Short Dramatic Films

BY Daniel PrattPublished Jun 7, 2012

The short dramatic films program is rather diverse, ranging from the will of the human spirit to overcome hardship and survive to the trials and tribulations of sexualized transmogrification. This grouping of shorts challenges the audience to feel by offering inspiring messages and even a peppy scene of bestiality.

In Parkdale, an unwanted phone call from Children's Aid sends two sisters out into the streets to avoid another turn at foster care. Their late night jaunt reveals the harsh inner city community in which they live and how the determination of an older sibling to protect the younger is paramount.

While heart wrenching, it doesn't compare to the drama that unfolds in Silent Cargo, a tale of illegal immigrants seeking a new life across the ocean via hiding in a shipping container. The entire film is shot from within the dark, claustrophobic box adding to the sense of urgency these people are faced with, yet it also showcases what the human spirit can deal with in an attempt to alter one's destiny.

The second half of the program is led by Oliver Bump's Birthday, a quirky and comical change of pace from the preceding two films. Oliver's child prodigy siblings each died on their 13th birthday, so it comes as no surprise that he and his parents expect the same fate as he approaches this pivotal date. Led by the talented Jason Spevack (Jesus Henry Christ), this dark comedy deals with the issue of mortality from the perspective of a boy that just wants to experience his youth.

Following this examination of fractured childhood is coital admonitory The Secret of Goat. It features a sexually frustrated husband replacing his wife with a friendly goat whose spirit and physicality affect the marriage in exceedingly disturbing ways. Those looking to watch a goat suckle a human teat should find exactly what they're looking for with this charming take on male sexual frustration.

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