Seth Rogen Reveals He's Smoked an "Ungodly Amount of Weed" Under Quarantine

He also showed off his lovely pottery collection
Seth Rogen Reveals He's Smoked an 'Ungodly Amount of Weed' Under Quarantine
As many Canadians would concur after spending over a month in coronavirus lockdown, comedian Seth Rogen has admitted to passing the time in quarantine smoking a "truly ungodly amount of weed," adding that cannabis "really is essential" for him.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's "Live from His House" series, Rogen admitted that his routine hasn't changed much in isolation, as he's been keeping up with his ceramic studio practice from home, blazing a ton of pot, attending Zoom yoga classes with his mom and getting socially-distanced visits from his friends on a recent birthday.

"All I want is to see everyone for 15 to 25 seconds," Rogen said in the interview. "I don't need to get close. I am more than happy to go out, say hi to my friends and talk to them for 15 seconds and they are all on their merry way. Again, I am truly prepared for this."

Additionally, Rogen spoke about that time he got really high and live-tweeted his watch of Cats, as well as further confirming the existence of the elusive "butthole cut."

"It's appalling," he said of the film. "It makes no sense. It's crazy — and as a filmmaker, I guess your instinct is to be like, 'This is a poorly made movie,' which it might be, but I do think that it is based on nonsense."

Watch Kimmel and Rogen's full conversation in the video interview below.