Sci-Fi: Out There

Sci-Fi: Out There
Homework (Le Devoir) is about a man trapped in a strange prison with nothing but his briefcase, some fast food debris and a cat, apparently the victim of a bizarre experiment. Half live-action and half animated, the film’s final twist is definitely worth a few chuckles.

Primitive Technology features a jaunty oldies soundtrack and follows a hilarious trio of city workers as they create a variety of crude devices using scraps and garbage. When a new recruit to their team creates a time-bending machine, the trio find that they can look into the recent past and near future.

Rocket Science is a beautifully animated black and white film about a tough talking small town cop and a lady scientist from the big city. When the two discover a crater outside of town, they’re forced to entertain the possibility that aliens may have landed. Full of wit and style, Rocket Science is about fightin’ your battles, whether there’s an enemy or not.

Heaven Without Angels (Cielo Sin Angeles) shows us a gleaming white dystopian heaven in which every aspect of life is strictly regulated by a big brother-esque medical establishment that prescribes cures for all of life’s ills. When a couple receives notice that they have been deemed "incompatible,” the break-up makes each question the infallibility of the powers that be.

This Is J03 follows an adorable, Lego-esque, tiny robot as he walks the streets of a destitute city trying to hitch a ride home. Instead, he finds himself trapped in a dream world in which he may get the chance to meet his maker and change his fate.

Martians Go Home is an homage to classic ’80s horror, following a nerdy Theremin enthusiast as he dodges rocker bullies and tries to save the Earth from alien zombie invaders with the help of his homemade instrument.

Blood Will Tell is animated in a visually stunning style. Deep within a windmill, we get an intimate glimpse of objects both familiar and foreign, set to a haunting soundtrack by Sigur Rós.

The Taste of Time (Le Gout Du Temps) questions the meaning of life and death when an old man gets a second chance at youth. When a new body is available at the corner store for only $49, it’s easy to become cavalier about second chances.

Ascension is a comic take on the apocalypse. When a man stumbles onto a cult that’s poised to ascend to another solar system, he tries to avoid becoming their human sacrifice by helping them decipher an old map. Ascension features excellent comic timing and a funny twist!