Sabrina Carpenter Hard-Launches Barry Keoghan in New Music Video

"Please Please Please" is the second single off Carpenter's forthcoming album

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jun 7, 2024

In the brief history of the term Hard Launch™, there hasn't been a relationship reveal as cool as Sabrina Carpenter having new boyfriend Barry Keoghan co-star with her in the "Please Please Please" music video as star-crossed lovers who meet in jail.

The Saltburn star and "Espresso" singer have been rumoured to be romantically involved for months on end now, and have been spotted sneaking stolen glances at each other on red carpets, but neither had officially confirmed the relationship until "Please Please Please" came out today. 

In the video, a jailed Carpenter encounters Keoghan after being bailed out and strikes up a relationship with him while he's incarcerated. After he gets out, the pair go on a crime spree with Keoghan leading the way. 

"Please Please Please" is the second single behind "Espresso" on Carpenter's recently announced album Short n' Sweet, arriving August 23 via Island Records

In further Keoghan news, he's rumoured to be cast as Ringo Starr in Sam Mendes's upcoming Beatles biopics.

Watch the music video below to enjoy Carpenter and Keoghan's steamy relationship hard launch.

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