Official Selection: One Night Stand

Official Selection: One Night Stand
The title of this collection is pretty self-explanatory, but to clarify, only a few of these shorts actually feature strangers getting pelvic. They do so in an artistic way, which is far classier than just tossing on some funk music, pulling out a digi-cam and using flat, high lighting to document the act.

Starting out the program is Flatbed, which is beautifully filmed even though it's one of those interpretive dance pieces. Fortunately, it's shot on a flatbed truck against a sky at dusk, making it visually stunning. Less visually stunning is The Appointment, a short that attempts to be funny by showing what happens when a girl goes for a herpes test and discovers that the doctor was her last sexual partner.

Featuring less STD shenanigans is In Bed at 10 p.m., which follows the efforts of a 71-year-old woman trying her hand at internet dating when her romantic role as mistress leaves her feeling empty. Her defeatist attitude and sass alone are worth watching.

Oh, Paris is one of those cutesy animations about an elderly person reflecting on their past that often clogs up short film festivals, only this one strives to be depressing in the midst of its mawkishness. Similarly schmaltzy, but in a different, lame kind of way is You Are So Undead, wherein a bunch of teenage girls complain about being turned into vampires by boys that don't care about them. Oh, and one of them might be a lesbian. How vanguard!

Animated shorts Lust and The Tongueling are actually some of the best of the bunch, featuring very unconventional narratives that both amuse and shock. Lust quickly spins through a flippant, modern retelling of epic historical tales, while The Tongueling features various people licking increasingly bizarre things, including, but not limited to, trees, bum holes and dead animals.

I Still Love Them goes the documentary route, discussing the sexual conquests of an aging lothario with the usual blasé vigour, while Baby tells the story of a girl reluctant to bang an exceedingly aggressive suitor. Neither short is particularly memorable.