Official Selection: The Hipster

Official Selection: The Hipster
Seemingly, the title of this collection of shorts alludes to the notion of rebellion, affected attitude and repressed emotions scattered throughout rather than the true meaning of the word, which has more to do with expressing nonconformity by conforming to a very specific aesthetic, ideologue and performance of regurgitated image.

It starts out on an obnoxious note with some douchebag short called Training Session, about exercise bringing out endorphins, which is then expressed in black & white with images of vapid tools running around like farm animals. This exercise in monotony is about par with Light in the Night, wherein two friends on the cusp of their 20s talk about opportunity, life and their friendship with amusing, but melodramatic, youthful direness. It's hard to make out since no one bothered to light it.

Rumbleseat is at least interesting to watch, having a soundtrack by the Sadies and mixing animation styles to create a compelling tapestry of one's life events using hot rods, saloons, flaming alcohol and red-eyed gunslingers.

Transitioning to a more literal place, sexual explicit short film Ex-Sex details the one-night coital coupling of two exes clearly still reeling from the emotional repercussions of their relationship. The irony is that this film about repressed and unspoken emotions is surprisingly touching, candid and acutely observant of relationship dynamics.

Little Horses similarly captures the pain of past relationships, as a father attempts to demonstrate fatherly purpose to his son even though he's slightly less successful and alpha than his wife's new boyfriend. Painfully awkward and occasionally amusing, this title captures the difficulty of feeling out of place in the life you've created.

It's decidedly more touching than the exceedingly well-crafted Fathermotherchild, wherein a bohemian hippie artist raises her son in a carefree, sexually liberated and drug-fuelled environment that flips the bird to bourgeois conventions. Amusingly, the kid responds to this by aspiring to be the ultimate assimilative cog: a doctor.