No, Jeremy Renner Is Not Dead

Twitter is still spreading the rumour for the lols

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 23, 2023

As usual, the majority of Twitter users are going to hell. After recovering from a snowplow accident, Jeremy Renner is alive and well! Unless you ask the internet, of course.

A screenshot of an article stating that Renner died in a "freak escalator accident" started circulating on the bird app this afternoon (June 23). Despite there being no link to an actual article, and Renner actively posting to his Instagram Stories, the no-media-literacy-skills brigade came out of the woodwork, leading to #RIPJeremyRenner becoming a trending hashtag.

Twitter has apparently decided it needs another death-related incident to clown on following the OceanGate submersible's implosion. As of press time, people continue to tweet ironic tributes to Renner — including some hilarious memes that would be in very bad taste if he were dead.

For some reason, this isn't the first time there's been a Jeremy Renner death hoax. The actor's false demise was also circulated across the internet in 2017. We have a few questions: What makes him such an easy target? Why was an escalator accident involved this time around? How could someone possibly die on an escalator? These are some of life's biggest mysteries.

For good measure, peep some of the fake Twitter eulogies for Renner below.

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