New 'Succession' Trailer Reveals Season 4 Release Date

Mark your calendars

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 26, 2023

While Succession fans have known its fourth season would be coming this spring for some time, an official date has now been set. The suit dramedy will officially return to HBO on March 26, as revealed by a new teaser trailer.

Picking up where the Season 3 finale's cliffhanger left off, the new trailer shows three of the Roy siblings debate talking to their dad. "I mean it's a tightrope walk on a straight razor. 500-foot reputational drop," Kendall says to Roman, who rebuts: "Why is that making you smile? That shouldn't make you smile. Who likes tightrope walking a straight razor?"

We also see exchanges between Tom and Logan Roy (played by TERF apologist Brian Cox), a flash of a wedding and the toxic duo of Cousin Greg and Tom reuniting. Watch it below.

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