'Mulan' Is Heading to Disney+ — As a $30 Rental

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Aug 4, 2020

Once again, we have a new release plan for Disney's much-delayed live-action reboot of Mulan. Instead of coming to theatres, the Niki Caro's film will be heading straight to Disney+ — but there's a twist.

Rather than simply be offering up to regular paying subscribers, they will have to pay out an extra $29.99 to watch Mulan starting on September 4, when the film will be released as a premium rental. As of press time, we're unsure if the Canadian price will be even higher.

Disney made the announcement today, after postponing Mulan indefinitely the other week.

"We thought it was important to find alternative ways to bring [Mulan] in a timely manner," said Disney CEO Bob Chapek in a statement.

In countries that do not have Disney+, Mulan will be released in theatres on September 4 as well — assuming theatres are even open.

So far, it's unclear what will happen to Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch, whose indefinite postponement by Disney was announced alongside that of Mulan.

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