Tom Cruise Wants to Know What's Up with Toronto Traffic

"Have they figured this out?"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 6, 2023

Renowned for riding actual motorcycles off actual cliffs and such, it's hard to imagine Tom Cruise batting an eye at the perils of regular-degular vehicular commutes — but he knows that getting somewhere in Toronto traffic in a timely manner can be a bit of an impossible mission in its own right.

ETalk anchor Sonia Mangat sat down with the blockbuster star in Rome ahead of next week's theatrical premiere of Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One, making an apt suggestion for a harrowing addition to a potential sequel.

"I say, you sneak in a stunt in Part Two and you come to Toronto. And you take on the traffic in Toronto for two hours. Without road rage," Mangat dared Cruise.

"You know what, I have done that challenge and I have been in that traffic," the actor responded with a laugh. "I've made movies in Toronto, I've visited Toronto, I have friends in Toronto."

Cruise filmed the majority of the 1988 drama Cocktail in Toronto, but he has clearly returned in more recent years to understand the depths of the current gridlock.

"What's up with the traffic in Toronto? Have they figured this out?" he asked. They certainly have not!

Toronto made headlines earlier this year when it was ranked among the worst cities for traffic congestion globally, only being outdone by Chicago and Boston in North America.

Mission Impossible 7 arrives in theatres on July 12. Watch the clip below via CTV News, and catch the rest of Mangat's chat with Cruise on ETalk tonight.


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