Midnight Mania: Creepy

Midnight Mania: Creepy
The films in the Creepy portion of this year’s Midnight Mania selections range from the campy to the genuinely disturbing, but the best of the lot is definitely France’s Bitten, the closer of the programme.

A foolish game of pretend transforms into a horrific case of mistaken identity in the gruesome short Desmond Coy, going from funny to bloody in no time at all!

Collector is a creepy Russian film about a young man who keeps pretty little things in jars. Unfortunately, not all pretty things are quite so compact. Shot in darkness with a haunting soundtrack, Collector is totally wordless, telling its story through striking images and newspaper headlines.

A fractured narrative about a girl and the man who lives inside her dollhouse, The Dreamhouse places "player” and "plaything” in an endless loop of reversals. Who is ultimately in control of their destiny?

Violeta features a young girl stuck in a nightmare world with a rather nightmarish family. Maggots, corpses and mutant babies are rendered in vivid stop-motion animation. When a young man enters her world, does he provide a glimpse of salvation or just more grist for the terror mill?

Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre purports to be a "true story” about the Snake and Skulls Ivy League secret society. A group of young people drive out on a camping trip that turns out to be one young woman’s initiation ceremony where nothing is what it seems. Extra points are awarded for an artfully choreographed mud-wrestling scene.

X.Pression seems to be about some sort of monster robot people eating factory inside a guy’s brain, or something… It’s beautifully animated, that’s for sure.

Elsewhere finds two brothers contemplating taking off in a boat that seems to be adrift near their island lighthouse in the face of a zombie virus. When the people on board turn out to be infected, it’s every man for himself.

Bitten is definitely the most intense film in the bunch, a tense, visceral and visually arresting creep-fest about a young woman’s transformation into a monster. Visual effects from the same outfit behind French horror hits À l'intérieur and Frontière(s) pit man against "beast” in the claustrophobic environment of a small country house.