Macaulay Culkin Will Appear in the 'Home Alone' Reboot: Report

Macaulay Culkin Will Appear in the 'Home Alone' Reboot: Report
Last year, we learned that a Home Alone reboot was being shot in Montreal to eventually arrive on Disney+. The new movie will star Rob Delaney, Ellie Kemper and Jojo Rabbit breakout Archie Yates, but it looks as if we will be getting a visit from another particularly important person in Home Alone lore. Yes, reports indicate that Macaulay Culkin might be involved in the film in some capacity. 

While nothing is confirmed just yet, U.K.'s Sun newspaper suggests that a source leaked the news. 

"No Home Alone is complete without the star of the show, Macaulay," the unnamed source told the tabloid. "Disney bosses were desperate to get him on board and they've opened their wallets in a big way to do so."

Since it's a British tabloid we're talking about, it claimed that Macaulay's cameo cost Disney a whopping £2.5 million, which is around $4.3 million CAD. Just think of how many cheese pizzas he can order with that kinda cash.

When the reboot was first announced, Macaulay suggested what his cameo would look like with a ridiculously viral post: