Mac DeMarco Is God, and There's Now a Film to Prove It

Mac DeMarco Is God, and There's Now a Film to Prove It
Mac DeMarco is without a question one of Canada's most beloved musicians, earning him some godlike status in recent years. Now, a new short film has proven that DeMarco is indeed God.

The film comes via director Zia Anger, whose short My Last Film stars none other than DeMarco as the Big Guy in the Sky. The film was premiered at the 53rd New York Film Festival, and now you can watch it for yourself online below.

Along with DeMarco, the film stars Lola Kirke, Kelly Rohrbach, Rosanna Arquette and Michael Cavadias. After watching the film, Anger asks that viewers donate to the ACLU over here.

In a statement to Pitchfork, Anger had this to say about the film and DeMarco's involvement:

I was playing with the idea of never ending cycle of stereotypical Williamsburg white girl replacing a stereotypical Williamsburg white girl. Each one plays the role the one before them dreamed up. Before Kelly Rohrbach's character is killed she says she wants a part where she asks 'god' why this is happening to her. I thought the most god-like person (for these girls) would either be a casting agent or Mac. Mac and I are good friends and he was a good sport, so I cast him as god.

Of course, DeMarco just announced a new album called This Old Dog, which is set to arrive on May 5 via Captured Track/Royal Mountain Records. He also has a pile of tour dates coming up, and you can check those all out over here.