Listen to Jonny Greenwood's "Licorice Pizza"

The title track arrives alongside the rest of the Paul Thomas Anderson film's '70s-inspired soundtrack

BY Kaelen BellPublished Nov 26, 2021

Paul Thomas Anderson's much-hyped Licorice Pizza is out in the US today, but Canadian PTA fans can get a small taste of the film by way of its soundtrack, which arrived alongside the movie's American release. 

The soundtrack is loaded with '70s classics, plus one original song — the film's title track — from Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood.

Greenwood's "Licorice Pizza" is a gently plucked instrumental that's given some dramatic heft courtesy of the composer's signature strings. It definitely stands apart from the decade-specific jams that round out the rest of the soundtrack, and you can listen to it below. 

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