Lil Yachty Is Making a Movie About Uno

Lil Yachty Is Making a Movie About Uno
Following his absolutely awful Saved by the Bell theme song, Lil Yachty's career continues to make more twisted, nostalgia-baiting turns. Up next, he's going to star in a movie based on the Hasbro card game Uno.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yachty will produce the film and most likely star in it.

Unfortunately, it's not a tense legal drama about whether or not you're allowed to stack and combine +4 and +2 cards. Instead, the film is described as "action heist comedy, set in the underground hip-hop world of Atlanta."

"I played Uno as a kid and still do today, so to spin that into a movie based on the Atlanta hip-hop scene I came out of is really special," Yachty said in a statement. "It hits close to home for me."

So far, the Uno movie does not have any sort of release date.