Larry David Named His Dog After Bernie Sanders

Larry David Named His Dog After Bernie Sanders
Leading up to the premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10, comedian Larry David has graced the cover of GQ to talk about his dad fashion and how he's not as grouchy as his comedy makes him look.

In the interview, between berating an barista about the temperature of his coffee and chatting about his decades-long career, David reveals an incredible anecdote about his personal life. He and his girlfriend Ashley Underwood recently adopted a puppy — and named him after Bernie Sanders.

Adding to their collection of furry family members, David and Underwood recently brought an adorable Australian shepherd pup into their home, deciding eventually to name him after the presidential candidate.

Read the excerpt from GQ below:

David has lived in this house for 10 years, since soon after his divorce. His daughters, now 25 and 23, spent their adolescence here. (The presence of kids is one of the major ways David's life diverges from that of TV Larry, who is childless.) Underwood moved in last year, bringing a fluffy black-and-white cat named Elwood, who now curls up next to David on the living room couch and accepts a good scratch. The couple recently adopted an Australian shepherd puppy whom, after much discussion, David says, eyes twinkling for the reveal, they named Bernie.

As he revealed in 2017, David's connection to Sanders is more than just political admiration or his portrayal of the Bern on SNL, so it makes sense that he might want to have a fluffy reminder of his distant cousin trotting adorably around his house.

Curb Your Enthusiasm will officially return to HBO on January 19.