'King of the Hill' Reboot Would Involve a Time Jump, Greg Daniels Confirms

Daniels and co-creator Mike Judge have yet to seal the deal on a revival officially
'King of the Hill' Reboot Would Involve a Time Jump, Greg Daniels Confirms
It's been over a decade since beloved animated comedy King of the Hill aired its final episodes, and there have long been whispers of a revival on the horizon. While a reboot has yet to be officially confirmed, co-creator Greg Daniels has revealed plans for how the series could unfold once given the green light.

Speaking with Collider, Daniels confirmed that while he and co-creator Mike Judge "don't have a deal to do it" yet, a KOTH revival is in development, and that "the idea is a time jump, so the characters are a bit older."

Last week, Judge and Daniels hinted at a reboot after revealing they'd reunited to form an animation company, Bandera Entertainment, in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. The new company is to be the home of several A-listers' upcoming projects, including works from Sacha Baron Cohen and Carrie Brownstein.

Though who will be involved in the KOTH reboot remains a mystery for now. As Daniels noted, "We haven't worked out the contracts yet. We had the idea floating around that we pitched a while ago, and I think we need to figure out how we would do it well and who would do it with us because we're both pretty busy."

Of course, however the cast might take shape, it will unfortunately exclude Brittany Murphy — who voiced Hank Hill's niece Luanne Platter — as the actress died five months before KOTH's final four episodes aired.

Hear Daniels speak on the series reboot in the interview below.