Justin Bieber Tries to Fight Deepfake Tom Cruise

TikTok is fuelling the Biebs' long-held eagerness to scrap
Justin Bieber Tries to Fight Deepfake Tom Cruise
After challenging actor Tom Cruise to a boxing match earlier this year, Cambridge-via-Stratford's very own Justin Bieber is doubling down on his hunger to fight the Mission Impossible star.

Despite the actor's celebrated role in Top Gun, Bieber seems convinced that Cruise couldn't top his guns. Yesterday (October 7), he shared a TikTok video — initially posted in August — by an account called deeptomcruise to his Instagram story.

Perhaps thinking "deep" simply meant that the content he was posting on this platform was just very intellectually stimulating, Bieber didn't seem realize that the clip was doctored by visual effects artist Chris Ume, who'd edited Cruise's face onto that of the actor's prominent impersonator Miles Fisher.

Biebs' now-deleted stories [via The Daily Dot] tagged Cruise's official account. "@tomcruise I'm impressed with your guitar skills," he wrote. "But you could still catch these hands my boy."

The pop star continued: "ALL JOKES ASIDE @tomcruise your [sic] shredding on that guitar."

Eventually, he realized the error of his ways and deleted the story posts after adding, "That's not really Tom Cruise? Lol, oh well, still hilarious."

Actually, the first time the pop star expressed his wish to go head to head with Cruise was way back in 2019, so this has been something of an ongoing mission (impossible). It's also not the first time these disturbingly realistic Cruise deepfakes have been brought to our attention this year, so congrats to Ume on doing such "Holy," terrifying work. Now we're starting to wonder whether Diane Keaton was really in Bieber's latest music video...

See the clip that bamboozled the Biebs below.

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While running late to a meeting recently, Cruise (maybe?) landed his helicopter in a family's backyard.