John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band

Live in Toronto '69

BY Nilan PereraPublished Jun 8, 2009

This DVD is actually pretty cool, but for all the wrong reasons. Trying to follow tight road bands fronted by badass icons Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis and the vision that is Little Richard is simply not advisable. The way the DVD is edited is to give us moments from the openers and then concentrate on the full set of Plastic Ono, featuring John and Yoko, accompanied by Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman and Alan White. Considering that this band had never played together before the decision to feature old rock'n'roll tunes weighs heavily on the nostalgia bar band tip. There's some medium cool stuff, like Lennon's "Cold Turkey," but it's mostly less than inspired. This is the case until suddenly it's the '90s and Yoko begins long ululating wails on one actual song and finishes the concert with a 15-minute modulated shriek accompanied by guitar/bass feedback and the occasional drum burst. It's quite funny how this is the only standout moment, one that the audience of the time hated. Nostalgia certainly isn't what it used to be. There's also an interview with Yoko being cool, together and articulate in 1988.
(Shout! Factory)

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