John Carpenter's 'Escape from New York' and 'The Fog' Get New Vinyl Pressings on Waxwork

John Carpenter's 'Escape from New York' and 'The Fog' Get New Vinyl Pressings on Waxwork
At this point in John Carpenter's career, he's known as much for his soundtracks as his films. And now two of his most beloved scores are being dusted off for a pair of new deluxe vinyl reissues.

Soundtrack hub Waxwork Records has announced it will be breathing new life into Carpenter's classic Escape from New York and The Fog, with both soundtracks getting new and expanded vinyl reissues.

Waxwork's soundtrack pressing for 1981's Escape from New York will arrive as an expanded double-LP set, pressed on 180-gram vinyl and featuring new art by Marc Aspinall. The release promises to include the "complete score album" by Carpenter and scoring partner Alan Howarth.

The release will arrive with a 12"x12" 12-page booklet of previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photos and as two variants: "Descent into New York" (fire orange with blue and white splatter vinyl) and "Statue of Liberty" (blue/green/black marbled coloured vinyl).

As for The Fog, Waxwork's pressing celebrates the 40th anniversary of Carpenter's 1978 horror classic. Again, the new vinyl pressing will arrive as 180-gram 2xLP set with 12"x12" 12-page booklet of previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photos. There are also two variants: "Ghost Eyes" (coke bottle clear and double red circles) and "The Fog" (white and sea-blue swirl). The Fog's artwork was done by Jérémy Pailler.

Pre-orders for both Escape from New York and The Fog are now live on the Waxwork website, with the former due out around September 4 and the latter out on September 29.

Down below, you can see the tracklists for both so you can compare these to previous editions. Also, various product shots are below as well.

Escape from New York:

Side A:

1. Main Title
2. The Bank Robbery
3. "Prison Introduction"
4. Over The Wall / Air Force One
5. He's Still Alive / Romero
6. Snake Plissken

Side B:

7. Orientation
8. "Tell Him"
9. Engulfed Cathedral (Composed by Claude Debussy)
10. Across The Roof
11. Descent Into New York
12. Back To The Pod (Version #1)

Side C:

13. Everyone's Coming To New York (Written By Nick Castle)
14. "Don't Go Down There!"
15. Back To The Pod (Version #2) / The Crazies Come Out
16. "I Heard You Were Dead!"
17. Arrival At The Library
18. "You Are The Duke Of New York"
19. Duke Arrives / Barricade
20. President At The Train
21. "Who Are You?"
22. Police Action

Side D:

23. Romero And The President
24. The President Is Gone
25. 69th Street Bridge
26. Over The Wall
27. "The Name Is Plissken"
28. Snake Shake / End Credits

The Fog:

Side A:

1. Prologue From The Fog
2. Theme From The Fog
3. Matthew Ghost Story
4. Walk To The Lighthouse
5. Rocks At Drakes's Bay
6. The Fog
7. Antonio Bay
8. Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships

Side B

9. Reel 9
10. Main Theme - Reprise
11. The Fog Rolls In
12. Blake In The Sanctuary
13. Finale

Side C

14. Ghost Story
15. The Journal
16. Seagrass Attack
17. Andy On The Beach
18. Where's The Seagrass
19. Stevie's Lighthouse
20. Something To Show You
21. An Evil Plan
22. Weatherman
23. Walk To Lighthouse
24. Dane

Side D

25. Morgue
26. The Fog Approaches
27. Knock At The Door
28. Fog Reflection
29. Andy's In Trouble
30. The Fog Enters Town
31. Revenge
32. Number 6
33. The Fog End Credits